Clyde Waterfront
Clyde Waterfront, 2006

Clyde Waterfront brings together the public and private sectors to rejuvenate an eight-mile (13 km) stretch of land along the River Clyde in Glasgow. This is the biggest regeneration project ever undertaken in Scotland and will have a major impact on the future prosperity of the country.

The commission was to design a promotional information pack, which would function as the principal tool with which to communicate with potential investors and local government, as well as the general public. One of the key functions of the pack would be as an introductory guide to the waterfront, often to be handed out to visitors at the start of a boat-trip along the river. This notion of 'discovery' gave us the idea to build our proposal around a map.

Divided by colour into its 6 constituent regions, the map is a navigational tool onto which a selection of projects are plotted. The reverse side of the map introduces the 'BIG PICTURE" for each region. The A2 map, which folds down to A5, is contained in a PVC folder, the second pocket of which contains a short booklet introducing the main categories into which the regeneration projects fall.

clyde expo table
cw table detail  

Clyde Waterfront, 2006

Commission to design and supply a promotional display stand for Clyde Waterfront at the international Waterfront Expo 2006, held in Glasgow. Clyde Waterfront were the hosts for this year's event and wanted to use their display to communicate the scale and diversity of regeneration activity going on along the River Clyde, without throwing emphasis on any one project in particular. Rather than spend the budget on a one-off solution for this 3 day event we proposed a more substantial display 'furniture', which would be appropriate for multiple uses in the future.

clyde expo visitor

Building on the graphical identity developed for the Clyde Waterfront promo pack, the display is based on the idea of the campaign map:
Individual 'top trump' style project cards are placed on their appropriate location on a colour-coded table-top map. As projects develop and new ones emerge, the table, which is intended to migrate to different community locations over the next few years, will reflect these changes, both aspirational and realised.

Blank cards are provided for visitors to add their own dream projects to the Clyde Waterfront vision.

3 flat screen displays, built into the table-top, show a short film, with accompanying soundtrack which can be heard on the attached headphones

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