nyos wordmarks
nyos poster

NYOS literature review
National Youth Orchestra of Scotland, 2005

Commissioned to design a new 'friends of NYOS' leaflet, we discovered that every item of printed literature was being handled as a standalone product, designed from scratch. Not only did this deliver an inconsistent company message, it was also costly and inefficient to produce and distribute.

Pavillion suggested a bi-annual brochure which would bring all the various strands of NYOS together for the first time, and which included not only details of all forthcoming concerts and a 'friends' form, but also features a mini-poster on the reverse, which allows them to be wall mounted in cultural venues, wine bars etc

nyos leaflet inside

The development of a family of wordmarks for each of the NYOS sub-categories, all based on their existing house font, unifies the various strands whilst allowing a simple typographic device to differentiate them.

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