sonic vista bench

Sonic Vista Bench
2000 - present

The Sonic Vista bench was originally conceived as a subversion of the archetypical park bench, modified to create a totally new model of street furniture facilitated by a simple observation: public spaces are increasingly populated by people going about their daily routines listening to personal-stereo devices (iPhone etc).

Each Sonic Vista bench contains 2 solar-powered MP3 players; their audio content accessed by plugging in any standard pair of personal stereo headphones. The players are configured to start playing as soon as the headphones is plugged in, and will stop on removal. The private nature of headphones prevents further sonic spill to the environment.

Sonic Vista allows the exploration or rediscovery of urban or rural spaces by plugging these same listening devices into site-specific sonic portals, embedded into the fabric of the environment: physical locations become providers of audio content.


left: Sonic Vista in the permanent collection ot The Lighthouse, Glasgow - Scotland's Centre for Architecture and Design - featuring short stories by Scottish authors Duncan McLean and Iain Heggie, each commissioned to write something with 'lighthouse' as a starting point.


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