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What is Sonic Vista?

Coined in 2000 by Mil to describe his 'talking' park bench, Sonic Vista is the umbrella term for a range of projects which encompass his interest in the design and implementation of narrative projects. Often using audio technologies and located in the public realm, they are born from an interest in story-telling as part of the urban experience.

Sonic Vista is a focussed combination of 'listening & looking' in a particular context:

It needn't be 'high tech', but might be

It needn't be 'useful', but could be

It needn't be 'true', but may be

It can be uplifting, exciting, informative, reflective or sad

It is about engagement with the environment

(It is also apparently a music production studio in Ibiza, but that's nothing to do with Mil. It looks very nice)

© mil stricevic 2009