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LUV Gallery, Govan Glasgow, 2006
Collaboration with Esme McLeod

Concept, audio & photography content and exhibition design for an interactive audio-photography exhibition utilising an innovative technology developed by HP Research Labs. Pre-recorded audio files are triggered by placing photographs onto the surface of the table, which can accommodate up to 18 different images at any one time.

weegie mood

The audio is played through 4 small speakers, positioned above head-height around the table, the surface of which acts as the physical control interface – pull the image closer to you, the soundtrack gets louder. Push it away to lower the volume. Pass it across the table to the person opposite and the sound appears there!

Working with different community groups and individuals, Pavillion created 6 audiophotography sets for the show, each ‘located’ in Govan but exploring different ways in which the medium might be exploited in the future. From individual personal histories to a tour of the shipyard, by way of fiction, local politics, new architecture, country music and the impending smoking ban. Each ‘story’ is built around a principal narrative, augmented with sound effects, music etc, each recorded as a separate audiophotograph and triggered by placing it on the table.

These compositional ‘sets’ are re-configured by the listener as they interact with the stories: there are no rules and no synchronised starts, so every hearing of each story is a unique experience.

It was hoped that this‘first draft’ of ‘Govan Tales’ become a pilot for a more permanent, digital community archive of audio-photography.

Commissioned by David Frohlich / Surrey University, Stephen Barr / Govan Initiative, Mark Blythe / Leonardo Network


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